PhD in Physicalization for Human-AI Interaction

In communication, we use analogies and metaphors more than often to establish and/or verify a shared understanding of things. I believe this is where design can mediate understanding; to act as an embodiment of metaphors and analogies in communication. I believe design can, much like a dancer embodies music through recognizing – rhythmical, melodical and lyrical – patterns, embody communication.

As PhD-candidate in Physicalization for Human-AI interaction I will have the opportunity to explore how such designs may express themselves, transform and behave to facilitate enhanced communication with the aim of shared understanding. Once I am up to speed with the latest developments in the field, I’ll be exploring new approaches to collect data with the aim to develop systems that provide means to interact with data as it is being generated in real time to create meaningful interactive experiences. Experiences through which data can perceived, interpreted and defined to match our cognitive abilities and scientific interests. Having personally experienced the efficacy of Physicalization methods towards understanding AI/ML, I believe the prospective outcomes of this PhD could help substantially towards further establishing these as a field; where design methods can – in addition to AI/ML – continue to contribute knowledge within range of domains.

As a long term goal, during my career as design researcher, I hope to generate knowledge that facilitates means to design systems which provide individuals with analogies that are catered to their personal interest; analogies that are derived from concepts of which they have a good understanding already. I believe such technology will not only improve general understanding on specific subjects and education, but – in later stages – could improve communication in a way that benefits society on every imaginable level.